Branding and Design

Our creative team believes that branding is all about showing off the best part of your business; you.

Creative development of your brand doesn't have to feel so daunting. All it takes to perfect your brand is a good understanding of who you are and a team that knows how to illustrate it. Our graphic designers have the experience and skills necessary to give your company a brand that means business. It's not about having a flashy logo. It's about having the winning brand image your company deserves.

Brand Design $95/hr
Sales Design $75/hr
Literature Design $75/hr
Ad Design $75/hr
Media Kits $75/hr
Product & POS Design $95/hr

Digital Media Development

A winning strategy takes the right tools. Our developers are here to give you the means necessary for your business to achieve victory

Your digital media is a big deal. A user friendly website or an active social media presence is really where your business can take the lead. Our team of developers are here to show you the ropes. From developing your website, to perfecting your SEO, to managing your social media, Victor can take your company through every hurdle.

Web Design $115/hr
SEO Management $115/hr
Web Management $95/hr
Social Media Management $95/hr
Digital Reputation Management $95/hr
Security & Hosting Annual

Content Creation

Content is king in marketing. When customers buy a product or service, they are buying an identity they aspire to be.

From the shoes they buy to the destinations they visit, consumers make purchases that define who they want to be. Our creative team offers decades of story telling experience and the technical knowledge necessary to get your story in front of your target audience.

Copy Writing $85/hr
Audio $85/hr
Video $95/hr
Digital Media Management $85/hr
Photography $95/hr
Advertising $95/hr

Managed Services

Marketing your business is a full time job, but what if you don’t have time to manage an array of advertising, social media, web development, and research?

Victor Marketing is here to take the baton. We are your team members who can take the slack. We offer a variety of managed services including web management, social media management, media buying and more!

Managed Social Media Varies by package
Managed Website $95/month
Media Buying 20%
Business Development $95/hr

Research and Analytics

Victory is 90% preparation and 10% perspiration. Our team believes in working smarter, not harder.

At Victor, use the strong research methods to give you that winning strategy your company needs. We use every method at our disposal to bring the most comprehensive data possible, including; surveys, focus groups, interviews, and digital analytics.

Analytics Packages Varies by package
Market Research $95/hr
Consulting $95/hr